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Guitar Lessons

Bass, Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitar lessons are available with Bedford Guitar Teacher. Exam preparation and advanced classes are also available. Beginners with motivation, welcomed!

Music Theory with Bedford Guitar Teacher Music Theory

Music Theory lessons are available online with Bedford Guitar Teacher. Exam preparation with ABRSM is available. Exams are currently online, so a laptop with a camera is needed.

Piano lessons with Bedford Guitar Teacher Piano Lessons

Most musicians play at least two instruments. If you’re interested in having piano lessons as a second instrument, please get in touch. A piano or weighted keyboard, is neeeded.


Lessons are now online which means it saves you time and money travelling. When this service is available in person, it’s as and when or park near The Place on Bradgate Road.


Prior to booking, lessons are confirmed via calendar invite which requires your email address. Please book an introductory  lesson once the time has been confirmed via the prices tab.

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I have experience teaching those as young as 7 and 83 years young! Please ask any questions you may have. If you want to call in the evening, please text instead. I also run mkgutiartuition.com

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