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Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is a versatile instrument, you can learn with the Rock School, syllabus to provide structure or freely and progress at your own pace.

 Bass Guitar

Bass guitar lessons are available with Bedford Guitar Teacher in the MK41 Area. Lessons take place on Thursdays from 1700 onwards. Book your trial lesson today.

 Music Theory with Bedford Guitar TeacherMusic Theory

Music Theory is available whether you play guitar or any other instrument. Exams are typically taken with ABRSM and grades 1 – 5 are taught.

 Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is also taught at Bedford Guitar Teacher. Grades 1-8 are available either with TrinityGuildhall or ABRSM. You’ll also learn to read notation.

 Electric Guitar

Lessons can be tailored to suit you, or grades 1-8 can also be achieved via the Rock School syllabus. Rock School also caters for the acoustic & bass guitar

 Piano Lessons

If you or your child are interested in having piano lessons with Bedford Guitar Teacher, you must have a full-length keyboard or a usable piano in good condition.

Let’s restring your guitar.

Classical, Electric, Acoustic, Bass.

Does your guitar need a restring?

From time to time your guitar will need a restring, whether it’s a classical, electric, acoustic or bass guitar, if they’ve been on there a while or you’ve been practicing as much as you should, they’ll need changing.

How much does it cost to restring my guitar?

For electric, acoustic and classical guitars, strings can cost between £6 and £15, and £21 upwards for bass strings.  If you’re an existing student, I’ll teach you how to restring your guitar within your lesson & be charged the cost of strings. If you’re not an existing student, you’ll be charged the cost of strings plus £10.

Let’s set up your guitar

Just bought a new guitar?

Just bought a new guitar?

When you buy a new guitar, it’s not always set up correctly and you may need to adjust the action of the strings and some frets may need to be leveled. This process will make the guitar easier to play.

What services can I request?

Firstly, it’s important to note, that I do not build guitars, but I do understand the processes for maintaining them and providing repairs and setups. If the task is beyond my capabilities I will tell you straight away.

Tasks I can complete


Restring & set up with Fret Leveling

Restring & set up without Fret Leveling

Basic maintenance – fret & neck polish.

Action adjustment of the guitar

Replacement of tuning pegs

Acoustic Pick-Up installation (Sound hole)

Tremolo bar installation (thread adjustment)

Watch me play the guitar.

Any requests?

 Send in your guitar video via whatsapp

Fancy a quick review of your guitar playing progress between lessons? Send your video via WhatsApp and I’ll respond with useful tips on how to improve your guitar playing. 4 reviews for £10 within 1 month.

Guitar lesson facts

Did you know?

Hourly Lessons

You'll receive 2880 minutes worth of guitar lessons per year.

1/2 hour lessons

You'll receive 1440 minutes worth of guitar lessons per year