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The acoustic guitar is a versatile instrument, you can learn with the Rock School, syllabus to provide structure or freely and progress at your own pace.

The classical guitar is also taught at Bedford Guitar Teacher. Grades 1-8 are available either with TrinityGuildhall or ABRSM. You’ll also learn to read notation.

Lessons can be tailored to suit you, or grades 1-8 can also be achieved via the Rock School syllabus. Rock School also caters for the acoustic & bass guitar

 Bass Guitar

Bass guitar lessons are available with Bedford Guitar Teacher in the MK41 Area. Lessons take place on Thursdays from 1700 onwards. Book your trial lesson today.

Music Theory is available online or in person with Bedford Guitar Teacher. Grades 1-5 are taught using ABRSM’s syllabus. Available for any instrument.

If you or your child are interested in having piano lessons with Bedford Guitar Teacher, you must have a full-length keyboard or a usable piano in good condition.

Useful information for parents

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Whilst the lesson is taking place, you’ll be expected to stay for the duration of the lesson. This way you’ll be able to see the progress and understand what they’re meant to do during the week for homework.

Save travel money Rates & times

Bedford Guitar Teacher is a full time business. I teach during the day / evening / weekends. Hourly and half hourly rates are the same during the day as they are during the evening. There are no distractions of “another” job.


During the holiday seasons, typically August & December, lessons are scheduled within the first one or two weeks. You’ll still recieve the same amount of time so payment is due on the 1st as always.

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Audio Quality

This is the audio quality which you can expect to receive from learning online. It will vary from set up to set up, but it gives you a good idea and it’s another reason to book a half hour introductory lesson.