When did you start?

I’ve been a musician since the age of 4 and have been for the last 28 years and counting. I have completed several examinations and courses including a 2:1 Degree in Music Commercial Composition and Technology, grade 5 music theory with ABRSM, Grade 8 Guitar with Trinity Guildhall and Grade 5 piano.



Over these years, I competed in various speech and drama competitions – which you can still enter in today if you want to.
As every guitarist usually does, I started out wanting to be an electric guitarist, where I learned to improvise and play by ear and read a bit of music. After a decade of learning my interests moved onto acoustic fingerstyle guitar playing where the techniques within this style transferred nicely to classical guitar, where I learned to read notation and achieved my grade 8.


Yes I can read music, I prefer it to tab…

I’m an unusual guitarist as I can read music (not just tab – which is in my view useless as it only tells you where to place your fingers on the fretboard, it doesn’t tell you the rhythm, which fingers to use and what’s probably going to happen next) not forgetting to mention that I’m blind so the tab print is getting smaller even with the glasses (I’m 32).


At some point you will learn to read too…

I try to encourage my students to learn how to read by completing the grades for Music Theory with ABRSM, starting at Grade 1, which you can complete, within 5 hours. This can only work if you want to do it though. But you’ll be at an advantage as most guitarist can’t read music. There’s an old joke of; how do you get a guitarist to be quiet? It’s particularly advantageous to achieve grade 5 music theory if you’re aspiring to higher education.


What do you enjoy playing?

Today, I particularly enjoy arranging tunes for acoustic guitar but equally capable of teaching in various styles such as Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Metal.


If you play another instrument but just want to learn music theory, this is fine too, for these lessons I also teach online via facebook messenger.


Want to book an introductory lesson? Contact me.