About Alex Partington

I started playing guitar age 4.  The guitar was a replacement for bedtime storytelling. After a while, it naturally didn’t work and I wanted to learn how to play the chords C Major D Major A Major.


I’ve since completed a degree in  Music Commercial Composition & Technology at the University of Hertfordshire, grade 8 classical guitar, and various speech and drama assessments over the years..


Needless to say, I’m a versatile musician. With 25 years of experience and can play a number of styles, Jazz, Rock, classical, Acoustic to name a few.

I’m an unusual teacher because I can teach you how to read the notes as well as being able to improvise. Guitarists are often known for their lack of being able to read music. I’m trying to do my part in rectifying that assumption.

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Interested in learning the electric guitar, music theory, classical guitar, or acoustic guitar? Please feel free to contact me regarding availability..

Price Guide 

£20 one off introductory, half hour.

£80 4x half hourly (monthly bookings, £20 per 1/2 hour)

£60 2x hourly lessons (every other week) £30 p.h.

£120 4x hourly lessons, monthly basis, £30 p.h.

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About me

You can learn more about me and my playing here. I’ve been playing for  while and over the last 26 years or so, I’ve picked up a few tips & tricks. And yes, the pictures are up to date!

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