My childhood Fender Squire, returned!

This guitar I’m pictured with above, has some history! It was purchased for me, by my mum, when I was about 7 from Cambridge Music Shop, Millers, some 23 years ago.
I since sold the guitar which I had no appreciation for at aged 11 for £60. It was sold to my brother’s university friend Iain, who’d passed it on to his dad and had since (sometime within the last 20 years) the guitar has traveled from Watford to Hull…
I’ve always known where the guitar was and was assured it was well looked after.
After some persistent nagging, it got Iain’s Dad thinking about buying a new one, his wife said no, but with some nagging and in the politest way possible way, with some negotiating to no avail in the meantime, Ian’s dad ended up buying a lovely £800 Strat of some sort – probably without his wife knowing about it.
In January 2018, Iain and I met up and I’m reunited with my childhood guitar which at a guess is at least 25 years old!
Normally you can work out the age by the serial number on their website, but there is no register of such a thing partly because it’s a Squire Stratocaster and probably didn’t care back then.
I can confirm that this guitar plays and sounds well.
If you look closely, you can see some old sticker marks which have since been removed. I also felt tipped penned the outline of the scratch guard – for whichever reason and has now been removed.
The action on the guitar is great, frets leveled and it’s so easy to play!
Some Advise: Have your parents just bought you your first electric guitar? Don’t sell it!
Want to hear how this guitar sounds? Have a listen this funk demo!