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Examining boards I typically use.

Booking your exam

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Booking your exam

There are two options when entering for your exam, I can book it for you, in which case you’ll need to fill out the exam form and there’s also a £10 admin fee, or you’re welcome to enter yourself by signing up to the correct website.

Needed information

I have created an exam form for you to fill out if you wish me to submit your exam entry. Which ever way you choose to go forward, you’ll need to submit the basic information, DOB, Name, Address, Grade, Instrument, the correct exam board, etc.

Guitar / Piano / Music Theory

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Piano Teacher in Milton Keynes Piano

Although I’m aware, that this website is guitar focused, I do teach piano as well. I teach in the way which helps you to recognise the process of learning any piece of music rather than just the ‘show and tell’, technique, which is fine, but you’d rather have the skills to work things out for yourself, right?

Music Theory Teacher in Milton KeynesMusic Theory

Teaching music theory is not the most attractive for the aspiring musician, particularly for guitarists but it is important. For some reason piano players seem to readily accept that music theory is apart of their instrument. Guitarist need a bit more encouragement, so one of my aims is to teach you generic music theory using ABRSM.

Electric Guitar Teacher in Milton KeynesClassical Guitar

I pursued classical guitar once I exhausted the electric guitar at about the age of 15. It’s a lot of fun once you get used to working out those dots. Exams are available with Trinity or ABRSM. You can learn for fun too.

Electric Guitar Teacher in Milton KeynesElectric / Acoustic Guitar

Nowadays, newer examining boards have come into existence to fill the market providing an attractive alternative to the younger player – electric guitar grades. There’s Trinity Rock & Pop and, Rock School. I also teach Acoustic fingerstyle, which is great for the solo performer.