Teaching or learning online? How to get the best sound

Teaching or learning online? How to get the best sound

As we are using online video calling software more and more, I thought I would share with you the best set up whilst on a budget which works with mac or pc.

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There are three things you need.

Audio interface
A microphone

Audio quality

If audio quality is your concern then this should help you improve your sound overall. The equipment you’ll need to buy isn’t going to plug straight into your normal headphone slot on your computer, but will plug into any USB enabled device. So it won’t work on an iPad and other tablets.

It’s super easy to set up but although what I’m about to suggest isn’t as cheap as a pair of typical mobile phone user headphones which has a microphone built in, it’s the cheaper range of industry standards and it is designed for “entry level” users. And, the best fact about this set up is that you can purchase it as a bundle too.

You will need an additional microphone stand, but the improvement of your sound quality will be worth every penny. Aftermarket value is also good, should you wish to sell it afterwards.

Scarlett Solo Studio 2nd Gen (£139)

The Scarlett Solo Studio 2nd Generation is an audio interface bundle which connects to your computer via USB port which every computer has and a cable is supplied too, so you don’t need to worry about having the correct cables. The Scarlett Solo Studio 2nd Generation has one XLR and one 1/4 inch Jack inputs built one for voice and one for your instrument.

Microphone stand (£19.99)

You’ll also want to get a microphone stand which will save you a lot of trouble too.

How to set it up (quick guide)

This Scarlett bundle is very much plug and play. The USB is a USB 2.0 same as what you might use to connect a standard printer. The XLR lead connects from the microphone in to the first input on the left hand side looking at the front of the audio interface and your instrument to the right.

You will need to download the relevant drivers to make sure it works. You can do this here.

You’ll then need to set up the sound preferences for mac or windows. The sound preferences for mac can be found by following these screen shots and for windows under the control panel settings you should see a sound icon where once you’ve installed the drivers you should see this option available to you.

Hope this helps and let me know if you’ve purchased and notice an improvement in sound.

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