How it works

Distant learning

Online Music Theory lessons A good internet connection

A good internet connection is helpful. Using the hot spot feature from your phone – assuming it’s a recent enough model, can actually sometimes be better than routers.

Online Music Theory lessons Online lessons via zoom.

Online lessons will be via Zoom. You will receive multi-camera set up with clear audio where you’ll also benefit from being able to record a reminder from your lesson too.

Online music lessons You’ll still need books etc

Although you’ll be at home, you’ll need to buy the relevant books if you’re doing grades or learning tunes or download the equivalent.

Parents / Guardians

If  you or your child are a beginner, I would recommend in person lessons subject to lateral flow tests / fully vaccinated if otherwise competent, I would recommend giving online lessons a try.

Reasons to learn online

A flexible approach

Online music lessons Video recordings

Each lesson you can request a video recording of what it is you’ll need to do for your practice this week.

Online music lessons Stay at home

No need to worry about being late, relax about being punctual and enjoy learning online.

Save travel money Save travel money

Whether you normally travel by bus, train, tube, or car, save your money and put it towards something else

Online Music Theory lessons Clear sound

Most of the time you’ll be able to hear my sound crystal clear. You might think it’s not possible, but it is. Another reason to have a trial lesson.

Online Music Theory lessons It’s global.

As long as you have your books, you can be anywhere in the world, learning music theory.

Save the environment  Save the environment.

Contribute towards saving the environment by not using your car to travel for a half hours lesson.