Choose your plan:

If you’re a beginner, the half-hour plan would suit you great!

  • 1/2 Hr Introductory


  • You’ll receive one half hour lesson
  • £20

    One Off

  • 4 x Half Hour


  • You’ll receive 4 x 1/2 hour lesson a month
  • £80

    Per month

  • 4x Hourly


  • You’ll receive 4 x hourly lessons
  • £120

    Per month

  • 2x Fortnightly


  • You’ll receive 2 x hourly lessons a month
  • £60

    Per month

How each month works

Price Guide.

Payment is either accepted via bank transfer (internet banking) or via the direct debit links above. You can cancel any time. But any completed transactions via Go Cardless or internet banking, will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Account Details:

➤ Sort Code: 309066

➤ Account Number: 37862168

   Terms & Conditions.

When booking you accept that you can reschedule the lesson with 24 hours notice until month end. There will be no leniences if you ‘forget’. The lessons are fun and you’ll learn a lot, but they are non-refundable once paid for. Lessons are not transferrable into the following month and must be rescheduled within the month with 24 hours notice, if necessary.