Guitar lessons in Russell Park, Bedford.

What’s on, Russell Park, Bedford? Guitar lessons.

If you’d like to take up guitar lessons in Russell park on an  as and when (the weather is good) basis, we can arrange a time to do so. Payments will be accepted by card only. I will encourage you to do a mixture of both online and offline learning if you’re a newbie. For existing existing customers usual arrangements apply, lessons in the park, is a nice alternative.

If you’re an existing customer, we can make arrangements to schedule a lesson during the week.

It’s important to note that this arrangement probably won’t happen at the weekend because unless everybody agrees to meet at Russell Park at their usual times, (unlikely), it’s not going to be possible for me to get back in time and Russell Park will probably be too busy to be a realistic arrangement.

The best thing to do is to ring me (not email) and we can discuss. You’ll need to bring your own chair and stand (if we need one) and we’ll be keeping two metres away. Or you can sit on the grass if you wish – probably not the most comfortable unless we’re learning music theory.

Lessons in the park will be acoustic for obvious reasons with music theory also being available. Unplugged electric guitars are also ok, so, enjoy the sun, learn something new and help keep local businesses local.

Where is Russell Park?

Russel Park is in Bedford by the Embankment and here’s a map for you to take you there with a pinned location of where I intend to be, of course.



Post Lockdown

Post Lockdown, measures will be in place to help with your safety. There’s a spacious front room where I work and it’s perfectly possible to adhere to the 2m rule, (measures at the moment include but not limted for you to) :

• To bring your own seat

• Wash your hands upon entering and exiting

•  A temperature check.

• Bring your own seat.

It seems that most who are currently having lessons at the weekend are happy to continue learning online with Zoom. Post lockdown, in person lessons will be during the week and online lessons will be at the weekend. You will be able to have an in person lesson at the weekend just be prepared to have an online lesson via zoom, every now and then.


Benefits of learning online (parents and individuals)

• Save travel time and money; be economical.

• Spend more time with your family

• Receive regular video updates on your YouTube Playlist.

• Be more flexible about where and  what time you can have your lesson.

About Bedford Guitar Teacher

My name is Alex and I am a guitarist and have been since the age of 4. I have a BSc Degree in Music Commercial Composition and Technology taught for the last 5 years and with a proven track record with exam results which have either been rewarded with a Merit or Distinction. I can improvise, read music and teach you how to play in different styles such as Jazz, Fingerstyle, Classical, and Rock guitar. I have completed Grade 8 Classical guitar and Grade 5 piano. Piano is my Second instrument and Guitar is my first complimented with Grade 5 theory.


Would you like to book a lesson in Russell Park?


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