Guitar lessons, during the holidays!

Hi all,

Firstly, a massive thank you for supporting me throughout this time, appreciate it.

If you’ve booked extra lessons over the holidays, thank you! If you haven’t yet but would like to do so, please get in touch.

As for the regular lessons, I like to provide the same amount of time but be a bit more flexible over August.

The information is organised to which ever day of the week your lesson is on.

Half hour lessons in August

If you have half an hour lessons, we can double up to an hour for the first two weeks of August.

Tuesday lessons in August

There are five Tuesdays in September, so for September I’ll deliver 5 lessons which will give us a one week break (Tuesday 25th August),

As for Tuesday 18th August, if we could move these lessons for Monday 3rd Same time that would be great.

(Thursday / Friday) (July)

There are 5 Thursday and Friday lessons in July.

If you would like to book an extra session please let me know.

Alternatively, I propose to carry on for five weeks in July and the fifth lesson for this week 30th / 31st July will equate to 1 lesson for August, Thursday 27th / Friday 28th.

As for the lessons which take place on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st of August, it would be great to move these lessons into the first 1 or two weeks. A convenient day would be Wednesday 1st and August (Same times).

Saturday / Sunday Lessons (August)

There are five weekends in August.

For those of you that have your lessons on a Sunday/Saturday, there are 5 weekends this August, which means that one of those weekends, we’ll definitely be having a break!

It would be great if for the Sunday lessons we could double up on Saturday for the first two weekends and keep the following Saturdays and Sundays in August clear, same times.

    • August  15th / 16th (Break)
    • August  22nd, 23rd (Break)
    • August  29th, 30th ( 5th week, break)

Lessons in the park

Lessons in the park, when the weather is good, are going well. It’s a great way to have a an in person lesson and a mixture of online zoom lessons too. When things return to some sort of normal, I propose to have in person lessons on the 1st week or weekend and the rest of the time online.