Bedford Guitar Teacher


When did you start?

I’ve been learning the art of music, since the age of 4 and have been for the last 28 years and counting. I have completed several examinations and courses including a 2:1 Degree in Music Commercial Composition and Technology, grade 5 music theory with ABRSM, Grade 8 Guitar with Trinity Guildhall and Grade 5 piano.

How did you start?

As every guitarist usually does, I started out wanting to be an electric guitarist, with Jimi Hendrix, being the main focus; where I learned to improvise and play by ear and read a bit of music. I moved onto my grade 8 classical guitar, once I wanted to make real progress. My mum showed me my first three chords, too! 

I can read music…

I’m an unusual guitarist as I can read music. I enjoy teaching music theory to guitarists as it makes the learning of notation a lot more fluent when it comes to applying the knowledge to the fingerboard. It’s important to understand what the music is asking you to do.

And you’ll learn how to, too.

I try to encourage my students to learn how to read by completing the grades for Music Theory with ABRSM, starting at Grade 1, which you can complete, within 5 hours. This can only work if you want to do it though. But you’ll be at an advantage as most guitarist can’t read music. 

What do you enjoy playing?

Today, I particularly enjoy arranging tunes for acoustic guitar but equally capable of teaching in various styles such as Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, and sometimes Metal. It’s also important to ‘click’, with your teacher.