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Now providing bass lessons.

Bedford Guitar Teacher is expanding and I’m pleased to announce, that we can now provide bass lessons. These will be provided under the Bedford Guitar Teacher’s brand and will take place on Thursdays 1700 onwards. Lessons will take place in Bedford at an alternative address which is located just off Norse Road, MK41. The full address will be provided once a booking has been completed

The new 2018/19 Rock School syllabus is also available for bass guitar & all instruments. 

Looking for guitar teachers.

In addition, Bedford Guitar Teacher is also looking for additional guitar teachers who already have experience and wish to teach at your home studio during the evenings and weekends. If you’re familiar with the Rock School syllabus, this helps, but it’s important to remember that all lessons are tailored to the individual. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Riverside Tennis Club.

Last month, I had the privilege of being able to play background music in the style of Jazz & Blues for the Riverside’s Tennis Club’s presentation evening. My performance was well received and provided the evening’s atmosphere and entertainment. I also did a similar gig at my mums 70th. Well, what use is a musical son if you can’t take advantage. If you would like to hire me to provide background music, or to be a dep. musician, please let me know.


My availability is now available for you to see on my website so that you can see when I’m free or not. Although I’ve made this feature available, for now, I’ll see how it goes. 

Are you ill?

If so, stay at home please, I don’t want it! Get well soon!!

Standing Orders

You may have received an email about this. Most of my students are very consistent with the scheduling of their lessons and I thank you a million.

I’d be grateful if you could set up a Standing Order for the 1st of every month so that I don’t have to chase you every month. If there’s a five-week month, for example, we can add an additional lesson as and when and, if there’s a 3 week month, we can arrange an extra lesson. Setting this up will also save your preferred time slot every month unless you tell me otherwise.

Would you like to leave me a kind review?

If you’re having lessons and have been attending a while, I’m assuming that you’re happy with how it’s going. If so, I’d be grateful if you could search for Bedford Guitar Teacher, on Google maps, and leave a splendid review, it helps with being found and convinces others that Bedford Guitar Teacher is a great place to learn.

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Bedford Guitar Teacher.