How it works

Distant learning

Online Music Theory lessons A good internet connection

You’ll need a good internet connection. This is important, so if you live in the countryside it might not be the right way forward for you, but we can try.

Online music lessons You’ll still need books etc

Although you’ll be at home, you’ll need to buy the relevant books if you’re doing grades or learning tunes or download the equivalent.

Online Music Theory lessons Online lessons via zoom.

Online lessons will be via Zoom. The quality is very clear of both audio and visuals and there’s usually no lag between the two (Fibre Optic – preferred). Here is the link which will take you to your ‘waiting room’. Lessons are at the usual or arranged times. Click here


When you first enter the meeting, you maybe asked to download their app (optional) and then you’ll be presented with two options, 1)  Join with computer audio and 2) test audio. Feel free to test the audio but you’ll want to select the first option.

Parents / Guardians

As with all my lessons, you’ll still need to be present otherwise lessons will not go ahead.

Laptop / Desktop / Mobile

Although it works on a mobile, it’s best to be on a laptop or desktop. If you’d like to do a test run with me before your lesson, that’s fine.

Reasons to learn online

A flexible approach

Online music lessons Video recordings

Each lesson you can request a video recording of what it is you’ll need to do for your practice this week.

Online Music Theory lessons Clear sound

Most of the time you’ll be able to hear my sound crystal clear. You might think it’s not possible, but it is. Another reason to have a trial lesson.

Online music lessons Stay at home

No need to worry about being late, relax about being punctual and enjoy learning online.

Online Music Theory lessons It’s global.

As long as you have your books, you can be anywhere in the world, learning music theory.

Save the environment  Save the environment.

Contribute towards saving the environment by not using your car to travel for a half hours lesson.

Save travel money Save travel money

Whether you normally travel by bus, train, tube, or car, save your money and put it towards something else