Please read, this is important!

Terms & conditions

These are the terms which you’ll be agreeing to when booking your lesson with Bedford Guitar Teacher.

You can reschedule a lesson with a days notice and move your lesson until month end. If the lesson is at the end of the month, of course this is near impossible to achieve.

Once the introductory lesson is over, a direct debit is expected to be in place for the 1st of the month, which is to follow. If there is more than one remaining week after your introductory lesson, payment is due before the next lesson for the remaining weeks.

Lessons are booked in groups of 4 weekly lessons per calendar month. Sometimes there are five Thursdays (for example) which occur within the month. If this is the case you can either skip the fifth lesson and resume the following week or book for extra lesson on the same time and day.

If you can’t make a lesson on the day, this lesson will be missed and will resume the following week. A day starts from 12am and fininshes at 11:59 pm

For the months of August & December, I’ll try and organise the lessons into the first couple of weeks of the month and resume again the following month. I need a holiday!

If I am ill, this is the only time lessons can be rescheduled with notice that is on the day of your lesson. Please remember that it’s tricky to reorganise everybody, so in this scenario I may need to double up a half hour lesson into an hour or move it into the following month with the same payment due as usual. (This is however, a rare occurance).

If you've set up a Direct Debit for music lessons with Bedford Guitar Teacher via GoCardless through this website, to arrange cancelation you'll need to let Bedford Guitar Teacher know.

If you've booked an introductory lesson, it will be valid for the month we originally agreed a date and time for.

If you're a parent attending a lesson with your child, you are required to stay for the duration of the lesson.