Guitar items you’ll almost certainly need.

If you’re able to afford it, I would always advise on spending more on the guitar than the amp. As an intermediate guitar player, spending this much on an instrument, as your second investment, will help you to commit for another few years yet.

This is a great instrument if you’re a beginner. Beginners often lean towards the acoustic guitar because it’s a bit cheaper overall than buying an electric as you can just take it anywhere and there’s less stuff to lug around.

This amp is amazing value. I have one. It’s also compatible with your phone to play music from. It’s not too loud, but it also provides a decent enough sound. Very portable too!

I use these. These strings are great value and they last a lot longer than the cheap £6 strings that you can get. The sound and feel is also superior. Guage 11 is a medium string and is usually recommended.

The Fender Bassbreaker 15. This is an amazing amp and highly recommended. I have one. It’s has 5 values inside it, which you might not think is loud for 15 watts, but it is! Trust me… You can also buy two of these plus a head which can turn into a very powerful stack!

This is the head which you can purchase in adition to the Fender Bassbreaker. Don’t be fooled by its small sizes, it’s rather mighty in its power.

This guitar tuner is great and yes I have one of these too! This guitar tuner attaches to the guitar’s neck and detects the vibrations from the guitar. You don’t need to be able to hear what your doing because it has a visual aid.

Music Stand! If you don’t need this, then well, you’ll soon be needing a chiropractor. I’ve had one of these for about 20 years.  Superb quality. Don’t buy one of those cheap flimsy ones.

A pretty good deal. Savings of about £2.50. Perfect for electric Guitar, Gauges are either 9s being light, 10s – medium, 11s heavy.

A great piece of kit if you’d like to roam the stage or your house/bedroom without cables getting in the way. You’ll need batteries.

This book is great at messing with your head and fingers when playing the guitar. It’s a lovely introduction for new chords and the chord melody concept. It also introduces walking bass lines – fingerstyle.

If your up and down technique / alternative picking generally isn’t up to scratch… these are the plectrums that I use and have done for a while. It may help using something less flimsy and more efficient.

I have one of these, too. I can power everything through this great bit of kit. I originally started out with the 2i2 version, but the 8i8 is all I’ll ever need. You don’t need a computer for it to work either. Perfect!

Rock School Grade 1 Book for Acoustic Guitar. If you’d like to complete the Rock School Grade syllabus you’ll need this book.

Protect your ears! Don’t get tinnitus like me…