Season Greeting from Bedford Guitar Teacher

Seasons Greetings

Hope you’re all having a good year so far with Bedford Guitar Teacher. If you’re enjoying your guitar lessons, please feel free to leave me a marvellous review! If you have any questions about Bedford Guitar Teacher, please feel free to chat, I’d be happy to help.

Guitar lessons in Bedford, with Bedford Guitar Teacher, make a great Christmas present.

Maybe you know somebody who has a guitar lying around, and you wish that guitar was used, or perhaps somebody you know already plays the guitar and is struggling with technique, or wants to learn how to reed music. Rock school grades are also available as are ABRSM music theory lessons. Your guitar lessons are tailored to suit you, so whilst these are an option, you do not need to feel pressured.

How much are guitar lessons with Bedford Guitar Teacher?

You can purchase a months worth of half an hour lessons for £80. With exception of the guitar, which the student will need to bring, everything else is provided. Alternatively you can purchase an introductory lesson for somebody worth £20 which will give them a half an hour head start.

Congratulations to Will Chen!!!

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Will Chen on achieving his grade 4 Rock School with Merit, 88/100 to be precise. So well done Will!! Aged 10 too, impressive!

If you’re interested in completed the Rock School graded series whether you’re an existing or new student, feel free to ask. Post grade 5 Rok School students, currently benefit from additional UCAS points. It might make all the difference to going to your choice of University.

Rock School UCAS points

Grade Pass Merit Distinction
Grade 6 6 points 10 points 12 points
Grade 7 12 points 14 points 16 points
Grade 8 18 points 24 points 30 points

Earlier this year, Dominic Harland passed his Grade 1 music theory and passed with Distinction. These really are fabulous achievements and you should all be proud! There will be more entries to announce as and when appropriate.

Home Schooled?

Bedford Guitar Teacher currently has availability during the day, which is great if your child is home schooled. We can follow a graded structure to the lessons, once you’ve understood some basic chords and scales which will all contribute to your learning of the instrument.

The daytime is flexible and with the increase of parents choosing to homeschool their children, Bedford Guitar Teacher might be just the option for your child to learn, electric, acoustic, or classical guitar.

New Pricing for 2019, unless you…

In the new year prices are going up by £5. You can however, keep the current prices which you’re currently paying for your lessons should you set up a direct debit to be paid in on the 1st of the month, every month – for existing students only.

Direct Debits

It’s now super easy to create a Direct Debit with Bedford Guitar Teacher. Simply go to the home page and click on the ‘Book now’, button. You’ll be taken to a new tab, which will allow you to set up a Direct Debit with GoCardless. If you’re booking a one off introductory guitar lesson, it will just be a one time payment.

You can set up a direct debit with the following button:

Direct Debits

Enjoying your lessons?

As always, if you’re happy with your current guitar lessons, I’d appreciate it if you could review Bedford Guitar Teacher on Facebook, preferably with 5*. If you don’t feel if so you can, please let me know, asap. I’m always keen to improve.